Over the last 25 years, FALP ELECTRIC S.R.L., born by the initiative of the two partners Paolo Lolli and Amedeo Santegidi, has been gaining a professional experience in electrical, electronic and mechanic applications.

Thanks to long-time experience and skills, FALP ELECTRIC S.R.L. deals with projecting, building and maintaining every typology of plants.

The main headquarter is placed in Cannara (PG), which extends on a 2,500 mq surface and includes electrical workshop, warehouses, offices and customer service.

Since 2015, Falp Electric has established a joint venture with a local company in Doha, Qatar, and it has worked there with an own technical office.

falp electric azienda
falp electric azienda


The new corporate policy about quality is conceived as both company and customer related. As a consequence of the adoption of this new point of view, Falp Electric aims at switching from a selling-based company model to a service-providing one.

This is made possible by choosing a company network management system, which is considered the most suitable to deal with changable market elements. In this model, every governance level has the capability to adapt quickly to continual changes, thanks to decentralization processes and short and medium-term strategies.


A long time experience and know-how allow Falp Electric to provide a turning key service that has to perfectly meet customer’s expectations in every single moment, from project until realization and after-sale mainteinance.
Falp Electric aims to reach the highest level of customer satisaction through energy conservation, environmental compatible solutions and by spreading out information about environmental protection and safety at work.


Falp Electric corporate growth is led in terms of environmental and social sustainability, on order to spur a business development that has to be environment and human friendly.
To reach this goal, Falp Electric Reasearch and Development department works to shrink company impact on environment, demanding the same effort also from its suppliers.